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Seagate unveils Thunderbolt adapters for GoFlex external hard drives

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Seagate has unveiled Thunderbolt adapters for its GoFlex line of external drives.

Seagate Thunderbolt Adapters for GoFlex
Seagate Thunderbolt Adapters for GoFlex

Many of the current Thunderbolt-enabled hard drives on the market right now are what we'd call overkill for your average person. To make things a bit simpler, Seagate has just announced Thunderbolt adapters for its line of GoFlex external storage options. The adapters work with any of the company's desktop or portable drives, granting users the freedom of choosing the capacity right for them. The portable drive adapter will see release sometime in the first quarter for $99, while the larger desktop variety is due before the end of the first half of this year, priced at $189. The company will also be selling a Thunderbolt cable for $50.