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Corning's Gorilla Glass 2: 20 percent stronger means thinner displays (update: video)

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Corning is showing off its next-generation Gorilla Glass 2. The new material promises the same damage resistance with 20 percent less material.


We're all acquainted with Corning's damage-resistant Gorilla Glass — it's been used in over 600 million devices since it was released. Tonight at Pepcom, Corning is demonstrating its new Gorilla Glass 2, and it's got 20 percent more damage resistance than the previous generation material, meaning that device manufacturers can either make their displays thinner or stronger. For those that go with the former, their devices are going to be lighter, with better touch transmission and optical properties. Initially we can count on Gorilla Glass 2 being in new devices from Asus, Acer, and LG phones, as well as Sony Bravia TV sets, with likely many more to come.