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Garmin 3500 nüvi GPS device and Android app (hands-on and photos)

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Garmin's new 3500 nüvi units feel light in hand — even though they'll spend most of their time mounted in your car — and can now take advantage of your smartphone's data connection.


Earlier today, Garmin launched its new 3500 nüvi GPS line and Android app, which we checked out this evening. We handled the top tier 3550L — which retails for $399.99 — which comes with free traffic updates, voice-navigation, Bluetooth Android connectivity. The Garmin Smartphone Link App for Android essentially offloads many of your data needs from the GPS device to your phone. Tethering via Bluetooth is simple enough, and the app then brings in features like live traffic, weather updates, and web-based traffic camera feeds. The thin device ideally lives in your car, but it's still light in hand and of sturdy construction. It's a pretty understated affair, and is designed to look at home in a variety of cars. The 5-inch capacitive display was responsive and relatively smooth as we navigated the 3D maps with traffic and buildings.