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New 1080p Slingboxes spotted at Best Buy (update: now official)

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A hardware refresh four years in the making

Zatz not funny
Zatz not funny

A pair of new Slingbox streaming boxes have been revealed by Zatz Not Funny thanks to an unnamed Best Buy store that left the unannounced devices out on its shelves. The Slingbox 350 and 500 are reportedly capable of 1080p streaming — a step up from the previous generation 480p and 720p devices — and also feature built-in Wi-Fi. There's no mention of an ATSC tuner (as found in the current 720p PRO HD box) on either of the models' packaging, but that's not definitive proof that they won't be able to natively tune into Digital TV.

Although neither box was up for sale at the store, Zatz Not Funny attempted to get some further details on the boxes from a Best Buy staffer, and was told to come back on October 14th or 15th for more information. The staff member did confirm that the current-gen devices were "on the way out," though. With October 14th just a fortnight away it looks as though we won't have too long to wait to find out how much Sling Media expects to charge for the new models.

Update: Slingbox has now officially unveiled its 350 and 500 streaming boxes. The Slingbox 350 (pictured below) is priced at $179.99, while the Slingbox 500 (bottom) is available for $299.99.