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Sharp starts mass production of 5-inch 1080p displays for smartphones

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Sharp EU Headquarters
Sharp EU Headquarters

Sharp is starting "full-scale" production of a new 5-inch 1080p display for smartphones that has an incredible pixel density of 443ppi. The company announced today that manufacturing started late last month, and it will ramp up production through October. The new display will apparently feature "a new pixel design," which has yet to be detailed, and will be 1.3 times denser than Sharp's own industry-leading 4.3-inch 720p display.

A few companies have demoed 5-inch displays in the past, but this is the first to enter full production. The only 1080p phone announced so far is the Oppo Finder 5, although rumors of a 5-inch HTC superphone continue. With Sharp cutting thousands of jobs amidst huge losses, it will be hoping that its new display, coupled with a deal to provide Apple with iPhone 5 displays, will help it to recover from its ongoing financial crisis. Sharp will be showing off the 5-inch display at the CEATEC trade show this week in Japan, and we'll be live from the show floor to bring you a closer look.