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IKEA plans to sell only LED lighting by 2016

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Citing environmental benefits, Ikea's LED crusade begins

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ikea bulb
ikea bulb

IKEA has announced that by 2016, it plans to phase out sales of all traditional lighting equipment, opting exclusively for LED lights. IKEA says it will be the first US furniture retailer to do so, and cites environmental benefits as the driver behind the change. While the high cost of non-traditional lighting may be prohibitive for some, the company says that it will "be selling the LED bulbs at the lowest price on the market" (IKEA's cheapest LED bulb currently starts at $9.99).

"Together, we can change the world — one bulb at a time."

While the Swedish furniture company may be best known for its cheap, flat-packed, disposable furniture, the company's messaging on LED lighting highlights its longevity: IKEA says its LED bulbs will last up to 20 years, which, on paper, matches the performance of Philips' prize-winning LED bulb design. But the Philips bulb, with its staggering lifespan and power efficiency, carries a price tag of between $20 and $60 a piece. It's not clear how IKEA's pricing will stack up against existing bulbs, but even the "lowest price on the market" could give some buyers sticker shock.