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MobileMe users receive unexplained extension of free iCloud storage through 2050

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After putting MobileMe customers through the ringer, Apple may be offering them free storage in iCloud for longer than anticipated. Some former MobileMe users are seeing an extension on the free 20GB of extra storage they temporarily received when switching to iCloud, good through the year 2050. We've confirmed on our own devices, though Apple has given no explanation for the change, and we assume it could be pulled at any time.

Apple planned to shutter MobileMe when it announced its iCloud service in June, 2011, and offered MobileMe customers who switched to iCloud an extra 20GB of free storage to ease the transition. That space was offered on top of the 5GB for normal iCloud users, and the free offer was scheduled to end yesterday. It's possible that the increase in storage is just a mistake; Apple didn't announce anything about the change, but it would be a nightmare to rescind the offer after finally giving MobileMe users some good news. We've asked Apple to comment on the change and will update you if we receive a response.