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Good Deal: get Sony's NEX-5N camera with 18-55mm kit lens for $419 at Adorama

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Sony NEX-5N good deal
Sony NEX-5N good deal

If you've been looking to get started with Sony's NEX family of interchangeable lens cameras, Adorama is currently running a deal that may be too good to pass up. The NYC retailer is offering up Sony's NEX-5N (complete with an 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 lens) for just $419. That's easily the lowest asking price we've seen for the well-regarded shooter: Amazon's got it listed for $699, though one of its "Fulfilled by Amazon" partners is charging a more reasonable $508. Even so, you could opt for Next Day Air delivery through Adorama and still come in below that figure. We'd recommend against choosing expedited shipping, however — due to religious holiday, the store is promising that all orders placed between now and October 7th will be delivered by the 13th of this month. That's not ideal for the impatient among us, but the savings easily make the wait worthwhile.