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World's largest Ferris wheel coming to New York City in 2015

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New York Wheel
New York Wheel

New York is now home to the most high-tech stadium in sports, and in a few years it will be home to the world's largest Ferris wheel, as well. Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently unveiled plans for the new wheel, which, along with a new shopping complex, is designed to help revitalize the waterfront on Staten Island. The New York Wheel will be able to carry 1,440 riders at a time, and will stand at a staggering 625 feet tall — topping the current record holder, the Singapore Flyer, which stands at 541 feet.

And the height means that rides will be rather lengthy, with an estimated time of around 38 minutes. The plan is to keep the wheel operating every single day of the year, which the city hopes will attract some 4.5 million riders annually. Unfortunately, it will be quite some time before the Big Apple will have a big wheel to call its own, as construction isn't expected to begin until 2014, with a grand opening due towards the end of 2015.