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3D printed gun project halts after Stratasys confiscates rented printer

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3D printed gun Wiki Weapon project
3D printed gun Wiki Weapon project

The controversial Wiki Weapons Project, which aims to create and compile a database of 3D printable firearms, has suffered yet another setback. The 3D printer that project owner Defense Distributed rented from Stratasys has been confiscated by the company due to legal concerns about the project. Last week, project director Cody Wilson was contacted by the company who stated "It is the policy of Stratasys not to knowingly allow its printers to be used for illegal purposes," and sent contractors to retrieve the printer from his residence.

The project also faced difficulties in late August, when IndieGogo shut down the project's campaign, citing a terms of service violation regarding the sale of firearms. Unphased, the group turned to Bitcoin and raised $20,000 to rent the Stratasys 3D printer and begin printing an operational pistol. Wilson, a law student at the University of Texas at Austin maintains "nothing we do violates the law." Moving forward, Wilson told Wired that he's considering working within the system and obtaining a license to manufacture firearms, and may attempt to rent another 3D printer to continue the project.