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Network A lets video viewers choose their own adventures: one clip, 800 permutations

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bedrocket media
bedrocket media

Bedrocket Media bills itself as a "next generation media company" backed by New York heavyweights from the world's of internet and television. "The old order – with its big, high-cost studios and gatekeepers – is crumbling, and the future belongs to nimble content creators who can take advantage of the seismic changes happening in the industry. We see a unique opportunity to become 'cable in the cloud,'" said Bedrocket CEO Brain Bedol.

The startup was one of the fist partners for YouTube's new channels initiative, creating a sports channel named Network A, but wanted to push things a little further. "We love YouTube, but we also want to expand beyond the model of showing TV on the internet. The web's strength is that it lets you do things that are less linear, more interactive," Bedol told The Verge.

Today Network A is launching a new product that highlights its partnership with the Israeli firm Interlude. Instead of a single video clip users get a interactive "choose your own adventure" where the viewers pick the tricks the pro skateboarders on screen perform. There are more than 800 possible permutations of this one video, depending on which athlete, obstacle, and trick a user selects. Bedol says this is is the first of many interactive clips Bedrocket hopes to produce that will range from sports to music videos.