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Logitech unveils Windows 8 peripherals: two mice, one touchpad, lots of gestures

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Gallery Photo: Logitech Touch Mouse T620, Zone Touch Mouse T400 and Rechargeable Trackpad T650 hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Logitech Touch Mouse T620, Zone Touch Mouse T400 and Rechargeable Trackpad T650 hands-on pictures

Logitech today unveiled three new desktop accessories designed specifically for Windows 8 — the Touchpad T650, Touch Mouse T620, and the Zone Touch Mouse T400. All three will be available in the US and Europe this month, with the Touchpad priced at $79.99, the Touch Mouse T620 at $69.99, and the T400 at $49.99.

The wireless Touchpad T650, which Logitech began developing along with its new mice earlier this year, features a spacious, smooth glass surface. Placing one finger anywhere on the display activates the cursor, adding a second finger controls horizontal and vertical swiping, and three-finger sliding brings you back to the Start Screen. Sliding from the right side of the Touchpad allows you to access charms, while sliding from the left lets you switch between and pin open apps. The entire device is rechargeable via micro USB, with a single charge providing up to one month of battery life.

Intuitive, fluid, and fast

The Touch Mouse T620 offers similar touch-based functionality within a smaller, pebble-shaped form factor similar to the M600 released earlier this year. The full-touch mouse supports six different gestures for Windows 8, including horizontal and vertical scrolling, as well as switching across apps. Double tapping one finger brings up the homescreen and a two-finger double tap brings up the desktop view, though these gestures can be customized.

The Zone Touch Mouse T400, meanwhile, is a hybrid accessory that features both traditional mouse buttons (left, right, and center) as well as a smooth, glass touch surface. Tapping anywhere on the front of the touch zone brings you to the Start Screen, while tapping the rear edge will cycle through open applications. The mouse also features rubber grips along its edges, and runs on AA batteries that purportedly offer up to 18 months of battery life.

During our time with the accessories, we found all three to be relatively intuitive, with fluid scrolling and rapid response. Bluetooth support is notably absent, though Logitech told us that omitting it allowed for longer battery life and more instantaneous connectivity. The overall goal, according to Logitech, was to make sure users would never have to remove their hands from their devices. "We have a different view than Microsoft on navigation," the company explained. "We don't believe taking your hand off the keyboard or mouse is the most natural way to use a computer."

Nate Ralph contributed to this report.