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First Windows 8 ads leak, Microsoft focused on teaching the world its new OS

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Windows 8 RTM
Windows 8 RTM

A set of ads that appear to be the first for Windows 8 have appeared online at the video sharing site YouTube. Matching a similar style to the Windows 8 Release Preview video, Israeli site TechIt has posted four separate ads that focus on various parts of the new OS. "Work hard, play hard" shows off Windows 8 on a tablet with snap views and across a desktop using Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud to sync settings and data.

Other ads focus on the customization aspects of Windows 8, and an "all about the apps" one shows off the built-in apps available alongside the new Windows Store. A common theme throughout all of them is Microsoft's focus on training the world to use its new OS and Windows branding rather than just Windows 8. The first example of this appeared in the final build of Windows 8, with a usability guide shown at initial launch. Microsoft is clearly preparing users for the inevitable confusion that comes with such a big change like Windows 8.

While there doesn't appear to be any Windows 8 launch party videos yet, we're expecting Microsoft to run a separate round of ads related to Surface. The software maker has been using street graffiti art and traditional subway ads for its Surface tablet in a number of US cities recently. Microsoft is also opening pop-up stores for its midnight Surface launch on October 26th, so expect to see an advertizing blitz around Surface and Windows 8 tablets.

Update: These ads are available on Amazon's page listings for Windows 8 Pro.