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Google documents modern history from Auschwitz to Dolce Vita in new web exhibition

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Google cultural institute
Google cultural institute

From today, Google's Cultural Institute will play host to a collection of 42 web exhibitions. The collection covers a range of 20th and 21st century topics ranging from the holocaust to Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, and is heavily focused on the struggle for civil rights' in South Africa. On entering the site you're presented with a sliding timeline dating from 1905 to 2008, and clicking on an exhibition takes you into sub-timeline where photos, videos, and quotes are weaved together to form a seamless narrative. Stories like Tragic Love at Auschwitz are a perfect example of how Google's simple, mixed-media presentation allows the material to speak for itself.

Google founded its Cultural Institute with the aim of preserving and promoting culture online, and has previously made renowned art, wonders of the world, and the Dead Sea Scrolls accessible to everyone online. It's also worked with a number of international organizations on preservation and restoration projects. The company is currently looking for partners to expand the scope of the site, and hopes to have more exhibitions up soon.