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Deezer's streaming music service now available in 160 countries, US market 'not ready'

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A lack of US availability might hinder its ambitious plans


During a special event at London's Abbey Road Studios this morning, Deezer unveiled 76 new markets for its streaming music service — including locations in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Thanks to new funding totalling $130 million, Deezer says it plans to accelerate its global expansion. Music fans will be able to access 20 million tracks, but US citizens have been left out of any expansion plans.

"We are not going to the US," says Alex Dauchez, Deezer CEO. "One day, but not now. The market is not ready." Despite the lack of US availability, the music service is now available in 160 countries worldwide. After launching in the UK a year ago today, the company has ambitions to 'transform the future of music' with its latest funding. "What we did today, we did with $20 million funding," says Dauchez. "Imagine what we can achieve with the money we raised today?"

Deezer has stiff competition in the form of Rdio and Spotify though. Spotify, available in the US, has four million paying subscribers and 15 million active users in an age where consumers are increasingly shying away from paying for music thanks to streaming services and piracy. Spotify also recently launched unlimited free radio for Android and iOS users in the US. Deezer is taking a slightly different approach, with a team of "music-lovers" that are dedicated to recommending music for each region.

The company is also partnering with mobile operators in each country, with 14 agreements in place today and a further six planned this year. "We want to take new music to musically isolated countries, breaking down the old music distribution networks," says Dauchez. "We’re confident that by getting more people to try the service - including those not yet aware of the subscription model - Deezer will become the new way to listen to music worldwide."