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Google offers to label own services in search results as part of EU antitrust case

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Google has offered to label its own services in search results as part of an ongoing antitrust inquiry by the European Commission, the Financial Times reports. These services would include "maps, stock quotes, airline flight details" or any other information coming directly from Google's own products, the promotion of which was named as one of four concerns in the European Commission's investigation. However, even if Google does implement this new measure, the search giant must still work to resolve the Commissions other three concerns — lower rankings of competing services, indexing results from competitors, and the limited ability for advertisers and sites to move to other search engines — or face charges by the end of this year. Earlier this year, the FTC expanded its antitrust probe to include Google+ and its effect on search rankings, and it will likely be watching the outcome of the European Commission's decision closely for its own case in the US.