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Kickstarter UK will launch on October 31st

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Kickstarter UK mockup
Kickstarter UK mockup

Earlier this year Kickstarter said that the service would launch in the UK this fall, and today the crowdfunding platform announced that this launch will take place on October 31st. Users can begin building their projects today, but will not be able to push them live until the service's official UK launch at the end of the month. UK and US based projects will be listed alongside one another, but there are a few differences between the UK Kickstarter and its US counterpart. For example, UK projects will be listed in pounds sterling with a conversion to USD for backers who live outside the country. Also, payments from UK backers will be entered directly on the Kickstarter site and processed through a third party rather than through Amazon Payments, even though that service is available in the UK. Kickstarter has made it more obvious for project creators to specify international shipping charges, which in turn makes it easier for anyone to back a project anywhere.