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Google tweaks mobile home page with new hidden services sidebar

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iPhone Google mobile site
iPhone Google mobile site

Google offers a host of apps for both Android and iOS, but that doesn't mean it is neglecting its mobile web presence. The company often rolls out little tweaks to various services, the latest of which is a redesign of its mobile search homepage. When you visit in your mobile browser, you'll get a different interface — rather than having tabs at the top of the screen with a few of Google's core services, there's now a hidden left-hand services sidebar that contains all of the Google products you know and love (or tolerate). The top of the screen now simply contains links to web and image search as well as a Google+ notification area and a drop-down to view your full Google profile. It's not a major change by any stretch of the imagination, but it's definitely more refined and makes it easier to access services beyond search — a good feature, since many iOS 6 users are likely visiting Google's mobile site to access maps a lot more than they used to.

Thanks, Kapil!