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Microsoft Word Features I want


School began again, and with it my use of MS word.

I'm using 2007 as the only feature/benefit of 2010 seems to be a little arrow in the right hand corner that allows me to minimize the ribbon, and that can be done in 2007 if you right click on the orb...

In fact I'm really not a big fan of the 2010 orb covering the whole window thing it just feels cumbersome, as this is arguably the biggest change in interface from old versions to 2010, I'm not really gonna address that.

There's really only one feature that The Office team must add to Word to bring it into the 21st century: Autosave.

There, that's it, Google's been doing it since 2009 (or earlier) and here I'm sitting at my desk using a full fledged desktop application that cannot compete with a tiny web app on a fundamental feature and no the recovery autosave feature doesn't count, while it's a nice idea, implementation is really kinda terrible.

Just to give you an idea: I used to draft all my comments and posts for the web in notepad just in case something happened to the internet or my browser or computer, I haven't done that in ages because now most text fields have an autosave function (this thing does) and for those that don't I have lazarus, the ever-present circle staff thingy that I all but ignore until I accidentally close the wrong tab (or more often click the little "x" on the tab while trying to select it).

Now, there are a ton more they can do with this autosave feature, instead of dropping ctrl+s completely they can use it as a sort of versioning, as I write my essays I like to mark them as v.01, v.5, v.1, vDRAFT, etc slowly rising up the scale until I've got a finished product, clicking ctrl+s could do something similar, applying a version number to the file name with each successive hard save. They could also provide a way to "scroll" between versions if say you don't like the direction the document took or you want to go back to something you deleted.

Truth is I haven't really looked and it's possible someones added this to Word with a plugin or something anyway it seems like an obvious and useful feature. Hopefully they include it in Office 2013.


I just installed Office 2013 to check it if was added, sadly it's not in the consumer preview and even the online version of Word requires that you manually save...