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Google's 'biggest ever' Street View update refreshes 250,000 miles of road

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Googl Street View (credit
Googl Street View (credit

Google has updated imagery for over 250,000 miles of road in its latest Street View update. The company is calling it the largest upgrade to the service since its inception, increasing coverage in the United States, Great Britain, Italy, and Sweden, among other areas. Google is also expanding its special collections gallery to additional countries, including Japan, Spain, and South Africa. Users can take advantage of the feature to explore famous venues, like Stanley Park in Canada, while also viewing national attractions such as Fort Canning Park in Singapore.

Street View remains a key advantage for Google over Apple’s own Maps implementation in iOS 6. The search company recently added iOS Street View capabilities to its maps web app following disdain over Apple’s Maps. That, combined with this latest update, is no doubt a move by Google to hammer home just how comprehensive its own mapping solution really is.