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Shutl same-day delivery service launching in New York and San Francisco early next year

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shipping box flickr
shipping box flickr

The race to become the first and best company to provide same-day delivery in the United States is well underway, with Walmart and eBay making a strong first push. Shutl, an established same-day delivery service in the UK, has been preparing to compete after obtaining $2 million from the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund and other investors just a few months ago. Now the company has gathered another $3.2 million in equity invesment to help the service launch at the beginning of next year.

New York and San Francisco will be the first to see Shutl's new service starting the first quarter of 2013. Other major cities, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, and Toronto, will be included in the second phase of the rollout. The company has partnered with a number of multi-channel retailers to ensure that online shoppers can get their products within 90 minutes of purchasing or during one-hour windows on the same day or any other day.