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Sony brings touch to its VAIO T-series ultrabook (hands-on)

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Sony Vaio T ultrabook touch
Sony Vaio T ultrabook touch

Sony's serving up Windows 8 in a wide array of hardware configurations, but the company hasn't forgotten about users that prefer the tried and true notebook form factor. To help those individuals get the most from Microsoft's touch-centric OS, Sony is upgrading the 13-inch model of its budget VAIO T-series ultrabook with a touchscreen display. The screen's bezel is glossy black, a slight departure from the silver frame on the non-touch version. The panel's resolution remains unchanged at a decent 1366 x 768, though its viewing angles leave something to be desired. Sony says the VAIO T's hinge has been strengthened to account for the pressure your hands will be putting on it day-to-day, and it certainly seemed a bit sturdier than your typical laptop.

In our brief hands-on time, the revised VAIO T left us with few complaints performance-wise. Touch response was satisfactory and Windows 8 breezed along with nary a hiccup — even with the lower-end Core i3 chipset powering our demo model. Whether the VAIO T's newfound touch capabilities lend users a legitimate advantage over a trackpad will likely vary depending on what you'll be doing with it. But if you remain unimpressed by the incoming wave of all-in-one desktops and convertible tablets, the VAIO T could make for an easy introduction to a new Microsoft. Check out our hands-on gallery below for a quick peek.