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Mirrorgram from the Glitch Mob is a mirror image of Instagram

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In one of the more unusual software collaborations we've seen, electronic music group the Glitch Mob has paired with StageBloc to design and release a new photo-sharing app for iOS. Mirrorgram features the usual filters, square frames, and social network hooks as found in the likes of Instagram, but its unique selling point is the ability to create mirrored images. This can be done either in live view or by editing the photos after the fact.


The interface for creating reflections is pretty well thought out. You can select eight different angles, from straight vertical reflections down the middle to more complex corners, and then fine-tune the point at which your photo reflects. After that you choose a filter — unfortunately, these are a little heavy-handed — and whether you want to share the image with Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

In fact, beyond the mirroring functionality Mirrorgram's UI has an awful lot in common with its obvious namesake. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, though; the familiar interface lets you concentrate on the somewhat less familiar task of creating symmetrical photos. Right now Mirrorgram is available on the App Store for $0.99, but Glitch Mob member Boreta says that an Android version is being worked on.