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Announcing the On The Verge GIF-away winner!

Announcing the On The Verge GIF-away winner!


It was a long, hard fight — but a victor has emerged

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Yes human beings, it's the moment you've been waiting for. The moment when we announce which of you will get a car in exchange for your sick internet skills. Sure, it's taken a long time, but to be fair, you didn't make it easy.

We entrusted you with a quest to seek out the most magical source material you could find from episode 009 of On The Verge and, once identified, transform that primordial internet ooze into a GIF so poignant and so important that it would make young mothers cry, and strangely, stop their babies from crying altogether.

And you did it. Well, some of you did, but let's be honest, not everyone's a winner and not everyone is special. In the end, we can only give one of you a Ford Focus Electric.

Congratulations colimoe! Your GIF, Tether These Droids, has been chosen by the staff of The Verge and will live on forever.

Tether These Droids

But that's not all! The following GIFs, while not quite legendary, were really great. If you see your GIF below, know that we were impressed, and be on the lookout for some goodies from The Verge team as our thanks for your participation.

By kevbojackson:

Nerdy Predator

By cjschris:


By azulum: