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DirecTV Genie DVR can deliver content to four TVs at the same time

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DirecTV Genie
DirecTV Genie

DirecTV has offered up some new pieces of functionality with its mobile apps lately, and now the company is attacking the center of the living room experience with the Genie DVR set-top box. At its core, it's a riff on the company's HR34 DVR: five tuners for recording as many programs simultaneously, along with 1TB of storage. A new suggestion engine — dubbed Genie Recommends — will also suggest programming that it thinks you will enjoy based upon your current viewing habits (the service itself is opt-in).

Where the Genie gets interesting, however, is its ability to deliver content to other televisions in the house — even if they don't have full set-top boxes of their own. It comes courtesy of a technology called RVU, and it allows an compatible television to serve as a client to the Genie, viewing all of its content with the full DVR interface. The original HR34 also featured RVU functionality, but the Genie ups the number of televisions it can simultaneously feed to four. Unfortunately, according to DirecTV only a small number of Samsung televisions have RVU built into them at this time, but the company is offering a client box to enable the functionality for other television sets. The DVR will also work with Blu-ray players and other devices with RVU support. if you're thinking of jumping to DirecTV and would like to give the new DVR a try, it's available now.