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Gmail 4.2 for Android allegedly leaks with pinch-to-zoom and swipe gestures

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gmail for android spam
gmail for android spam

Android Police has happened upon a leaked version of Gmail that it hints has come from LG's heavily rumored Nexus phone. The app, referred to as version 4.2, has some much sought-after UI tweaks, the most notable of which is pinch-to-zoom on messages. While Android Police hasn't yet released the app in .apk form, it appears to be legitimate based on the video below.

You'll also apparently be able to swipe messages in your inbox to archive or delete them; this works similarly to swiping away notifications or recent apps on Android, and should speed up the process of filtering out unwanted mail. No word on when this version of Gmail will make a more official debut, but with the LG Nexus phone rumored for a reveal at the end of the month it might not be too long.