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Straight outta Redmond: Microsoft has NoClue how to sell the cloud

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Windows Azure rap
Windows Azure rap

RIM isn't the only company making music videos aimed at developers. The latest awkward masterpiece comes from Microsoft, with a rap video about its Windows Azure cloud computing platform. While the company ran into some trouble previously over its use of "the words MICRO and SOFT don’t apply to my penis" in a similar Azure music routine, Microsoft's cloud computing team are still focused on using music to spread their message.

The latest video features Seattle-born rapper NoClue who spits about "Windows Azure got my back can't stop me," and "put them in the back of an online backpack." While he's not jumping on tables at a Microsoft Store and rapping "fuck these computers," the promotion is certainly cringeworthy. Still, "this one's explosive" claims Microsoft. We'll let you decide.