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Good Deal: Audyssey Media Speakers for only $79.99 at Woot

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Good Deal Audyssey
Good Deal Audyssey

The Audyssey Media Speakers were our recommendation for those needing small, high-quality speakers in our Back To School guide — and that was at their $199.99 list price. Now, daily-deal site has knocked a whopping $120 off their price and is selling them for only $79.99. That's a pretty insane deal, quite frankly, and one that you should jump on immediately if you're interested — Audyssey's site says the deal is only good until midnight CST today. However, Woot's sales are usually limited by quantity, as well, so don't delay. These speakers check all the boxes: stylish, portable, great sound, digital and analog inputs — there's really no downside here. If you need to play audio, buy a pair. It's that simple.