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Skype and Netflix Windows 8 apps spotted at Best Buy, coming to the Windows Store soon

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HP best buy
HP best buy

Microsoft revealed its final Windows 8 pricing earlier today, alongside the start of pre-orders for laptops, tablets, and PCs at a number of retailers. Best Buy has started to put Windows 8 kit out on its shop floor and there's some interesting additions to the standard built-in apps. We spotted a Skype and Netflix app on some HP machines on display. Skype, marked as an app preview, works as you'd expect with video calling that will continue in the background if you switch to another Windows 8 app.

Netflix, which was previously announced by Microsoft, also worked seamlessly with app switching — pausing and resuming the video automatically. We understand that both applications will be featured at Microsoft's October 25th launch event for Windows 8, and that they'll likely be available in the Windows Store ready for when the new operating system starts to go on sale to consumers on October 26th.

Sam Sheffer contributed to this article