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LG's new Optimus G ad is an utterly strange four minutes

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LG optimus G ad
LG optimus G ad

LG has released a very bizarre product movie for its recently announced Optimus G handset. The surreal video highlights the phone's design, performance, camera, and unusual QSlide function using crazy Dragonball Z moves and hand gestures worthy of David Bowie. While some of LG's other advertisements are considerably less flashy (and arguably even weirder), this new product video is very Samsung-esque in its approach. Even some of the Optimus G's features hearken back to Samsung's — QSlide allows you to overlay different processes, which essentially means that you can text and watch a video at the same time. However, it's worth noting that in our tests of the Sprint and AT&T versions of the Optimus G, QSlide only seems to work with gallery videos, not with YouTube or other apps. These new advertising tactics may not transform LG into the company it seeks to emulate, but they certainly will turn heads.