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Netflix app for Windows 8 officially available in the Windows Store

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Netflix for Windows 8
Netflix for Windows 8

Windows 8 won't be officially out for another couple of weeks, but that hasn't stopped Netflix from getting its app ready well ahead of time. The streaming media company just launched its official app for Windows 8 in the Windows Store, and it can be downloaded by those who are using the prerelease versions of Windows 8 right now. Netflix says that the app was built "from the ground up to take advantage of Windows 8 design principles and video player features," and the Windows 8 design language is quite obvious throughout the app. Users are able to browse their TV show and movie recommendations with a keyboard and mouse or through a touchscreen, where there is support for multitouch gestures. Netflix also claims that the app is more efficient because it relies on Windows 8's new graphical capabilities, so it doesn't tax the CPU as much or require the computer's fans to kick on nearly as often. If you are using the RTM version of Windows 8, you can head on over to the Windows Store now to download the new Netflix app for free.