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BlackBerry 10 L-Series phone leaked again in new video

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BlackBerry London video leak
BlackBerry London video leak

RIM's new generation of phones is still under wraps, but a laissez-faire video policy has given us another look at one of them. At an event in Mexico, Hola Telcel captured footage of a RIM employee showing off BlackBerry 10 on an unreleased device, apparently the L-Series "London" phone that leaked last year. The resulting video is blurry, but the phone hardware matches what we've seen as recently as September, with a rectangular design and angled top and bottom. The squared-off icons from last month's leak have also made another appearance, though it's hard to glean too many details from the demonstration.

The original video is no longer online, but a copy can be seen below; the phone shows up at about 1:05. If this is indeed the L-Series, it may have the same specs as the BlackBerry Dev Alpha B, a 4.2-inch BlackBerry 10 phone encased in a boxy shell for developers. RIM is set to launch its new OS and phones early next year, and it's increasingly clear what its hardware could look like. The question now is whether it will be enough to capture anyone's attention.