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Second LulzSec member pleads guilty to 2011 Sony Pictures website hack

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Last year the Sony Pictures website was hacked by LulzSec, resulting in the theft of both passwords and personal information from some of its users — and this week the second man charged in connection with the crime pled guilty. The attorneys for Raynaldo Rivera — who went by the handles "neuron," "royal," and "wildicv" — filed a plea agreement on his behalf earlier this month, in which Rivera admitted that he had worked with other LulzSec members to compromise the website and extract the information in question; other LulzSec members later posted the information online.

In line with the plea agreement, Rivera appeared before US District Judge John A. Kornstadt this past Thursday and formally entered his guilty plea into the record. In return, the US Attorney's Office has agreed to recommend a reduced sentence for Rivera. His sentencing hearing is currently scheduled for March of 2013. The other individual charged in the attack, Cody Kretsinger, pled guilty in April.