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Livestream: Felix Baumgartner attempts record-breaking jump from the stratosphere (update)

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felix baumgartner (red bull stratos)
felix baumgartner (red bull stratos)

Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic leap from the stratosphere has begun. The record-breaking jump from 120,000 feet was originally slated for October 9th, 65 years to the day from the world’s first supersonic flight at the hands of test pilot Chuck Yeager.

So far, weather has posed a problem for the Red Bull Stratos team, which requires winds of less than 1.86 mph at its Roswell, New Mexico launch site. These optimal weather conditions only occur one or two days a week, and high winds were responsible for the October 9th delay, blowing the 755-foot "dry cleaner bag" helium balloon down to the surface. Follow the event's live stream below to find out if Baumgartner will indeed make history.