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Saturday Night Live jabs mainstream tech culture by pitting pundits against laborers

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SNL Tech Talk screencap
SNL Tech Talk screencap

Saturday Night Live isn't the comedic tour de force it once was, but the late-night TV staple remains a good reflection of mainstream culture. Take for example last night's episode that saw SNL's writers tackle the various "controversies" surrounding Apple's new iPhone 5. Nearly every complaint you seen from consumers and the media in recent weeks made its way into the skit.

The Apple Maps debacle, scratched and scuffed hardware, and that whole purple flare camera "flaw" were all mentioned in a segment which pitted several fictional tech pundits against, as host Christina Applegate put it, "three peasant laborers" from the Chinese factory where Apple's latest handset is assembled. Suffice it to say the workers didn't have much sympathy for the high-brow critics. With its blunt if not politically correct skit, SNL managed to cement Apple as a subject of mainstream parody and draw some hearty laughs in the process. You can view the entire clip below.