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Kindle DX apparently discontinued by Amazon

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Amazon logo stock
Amazon logo stock

Amazon has seemingly removed the Kindle DX from sale. The 9.7-inch e-reader is currently only available used through third-party sellers, and there is no mention of a possible return to Amazon's virtual shelves. If the DX really has been discontinued once and for all, it wouldn't come as a huge surprise; Amazon vice-president Jay Marine recently said that the company is "pretty much done" with the product, which hasn't seen an update in years.

As pointed out by The Ebook Reader, Amazon cut the DX's price from $379 to $299 last week in what now appears to have been a final effort to shift unsold stock. In the meantime, the older international version of the DX with a white body, lower-contrast screen, and slower software is still on sale for $329. Amazon recently released the excellent Kindle Paperwhite e-reader and is soon to launch the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet, but it doesn't look like the company sees much potential in a product between the two.