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Microsoft's Surface graffiti ads go global, French version hints at European launch

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Surface ads France (twitter)
Surface ads France (twitter)

While Microsoft has confirmed its Surface RT tablet will launch on October 26th in the US, the company has yet to announce international availability. An initial announcement of the Surface tablets referenced availability "through select online Microsoft Stores," suggesting that major international markets would be catered for.

Surface ads have now started appearing in Paris, with the "clic" tagline. The ads look identical to the ones found across a number of US cities, and could hint at the availability of the Surface RT in Europe. While Microsoft plans to sell its Surface tablet in US Microsoft Stores and special holiday pop-up stores, the company's previous online verbiage suggests that it won't be available in retail shops in France. Still, a global Surface ad campaign makes it clear that Microsoft is serious about selling its first tablet hardware domestically and internationally. There's just one question left, how much will it cost?