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Boxed copies of Windows 8 on display at Walmart early

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Windows 8 boxes Walmart
Windows 8 boxes Walmart

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system doesn't officially go on sale until October 26th, but at least one Walmart store has copies ready for customers. The Verge reader Aaron sent us a tip that his local Walmart store has several boxed copies on display, with a price of $69.99 for the Windows 8 Pro upgrade. Aaron didn't purchase a copy, but Walmart employees informed him the copies were available to purchase and that the store just wasn't fully promoting them yet — despite them being on display fully.

Microsoft officially unveiled its final box art for Windows 8 last week, alongside pre-orders for the operating system and associated hardware. It's not clear if anyone has managed to purchase a copy of Windows 8 copy early, but the fact they're on display in stores means it's more than likely that a retailer will break the street date on Microsoft's new operating system.

Thanks, Aaron!