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Suspicious images of alleged Sony 'Nexus X' leak

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Sony Nexus X_640
Sony Nexus X_640

A pair of photos claiming to depict a device named the Sony Nexus X have been posted by XperiaBlog. There are no details on the smartphone — apart from the images — but it looks similar to the company's Xperia ion and Xperia T. Curiously, the device has "Google" inscribed on its back rather than the "With Google" logo found on LG's rumored Nexus 4. There is, of course, a big chance the images could be fake: there are some issues with icon alignment on the screen, as well as some strange coloration on the back cover.

The photos originated from a Picasa account registered to somebody named Mutul Yeter. If they aren't a hoax, they reveal the second Nexus device to leak in as many weeks. We first heard rumors of a more varied Nexus lineup back in May, when The Wall Street Journal reported that the Nexus program was to expand to multiple devices from multiple manufacturers.


Thanks, Hynden!