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Watch this: 'Natural Phenomena' mixes nature and civilization in amazing time-lapse project

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Natural Phenomena
Natural Phenomena

A first-time time-lapse filmmaker has put together an extraordinary five-minute video capturing everything from a nighttime Ferris wheel ride to how mountains look from far above. Shot in twelve locations, including Austria, Alaska, and Turkey, "Natural Phenomena" juxtaposes shots of mountains and storms with shopping districts and bridges at night, giving them all the same look of constant motion.

Over on Reddit, creator Reid Gower explains that he decided to shoot the film after planning some extensive travel; it was inspired partially by the 2011 film All.I.Can. The entire project took about six months to create, and some shots required unconventional solutions: for high-altitude video, Gower embedded a GoPro camera inside a lunchbox and launched it in a balloon. Although Gower hadn't previously worked in time-lapse photography, he's already known for his Sagan Series videos, which pay tribute to astrophysicist Carl Sagan.