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Microsoft gifts Zune Pass subscribers 1,000 Microsoft Points ahead of Xbox Music launch

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Xbox Music Enter Artist EMBARGOED
Xbox Music Enter Artist EMBARGOED

Microsoft might be phasing out its Points currency for Windows 8 in favor of cash, but that hasn't stopped the company gifting 1,000 Microsoft Points to existing Zune Pass users. In an email to subscribers, Microsoft announces that Zune Music Pass subscriptions are now Xbox Music Pass — with no action required from end users.

"To celebrate the launch of Xbox Music, we're giving you 1,000 Microsoft Points to use on any of the music, video, or game content on Xbox Live," says Microsoft. The Points are provided via a prepaid code, redeemable on 1,000 Microsoft Points equates to $12.50, allowing Xbox Music users to purchase movies, music, or games from the store. It's not a huge welcome gift for the new service, but it certainly softens the blow for those who were fond of the Zune branding.