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The New York Times: BlackBerry users feel ridiculed and ashamed

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RIM BlackBerry 8310 beat up (1020)
RIM BlackBerry 8310 beat up (1020)

As you may already know, Research in Motion and its BlackBerry brand are having a tough time battling for third place in a market full of Android devices and iPhones. Even as the company ramps up for the release of BlackBerry 10, many of its customers are reportedly feeling the sting of judgment from owners of competing products, a trend that has garnered the attention of mainstream juggernaut The New York Times. In the piece, several disenfranchised BlackBerry owners describe being the subject of aggression as a result of their choice in mobile device, and feelings of envy toward more popular alternatives. Visit the source below to see what it's like to be part of the 9 percent.