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'Clouds Over Cuba' interactive documentary retraces the Cuban Missile Crisis using web and mobile

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clouds over cuba
clouds over cuba

The Martin Agency and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library have teamed up to create Clouds Over Cuba, an interactive documentary that retraces the steps of the United States during the Cuban Missile Crisis, as the event nears its 50th anniversary. The two-hour film includes a collection of photos, footage, and speeches of President Kennedy and others involved in the 1962 event. During the film, a dossier will populate with multimedia items that can be accessed later through the web or from a mobile device. Clouds Over Cuba also includes the ability to sync to iCal or Google Calendar so that viewers can relive the days leading up to the crisis in virtual realtime.

As explained by Creativity, the goal of Clouds Over Cuba is to provide an honest and accurate retelling of the events that occurred 50 years ago. Project co-lead of creative Brian Williams explained that "we want to debunk the misconceptions, that Kennedy's advisors were the ones to collectively lead us away from the brink of war, and show people just how wrong it could have gone." For those interested in theoretical alternate history timelines, a short film is presented at the end of documentary that explores what the world would have been like had the Missile Crisis evolved into an all-out nuclear war.