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Google opens up access to data centers via Street View

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Google NC data center via Street View
Google NC data center via Street View

Google may have taken extreme measures in the past to keep prying eyes from its data centers, but the search company’s latest endeavour has pulled back the curtain. As detailed on its official blog, Google has posted an expansive and impressive photo gallery of its data centers strewn across the globe. The company enlisted the help of photographer Connie Zhou to illustrate the technology, people, and places that keep the internet moving. As if that wasn’t enough, Google has mapped the inside and outside of its Lenoir, North Carolina server farm using Street View, allowing users to explore both the interior and exterior in great detail.

A short video has also been posted to accompany the experience, explaining exactly what users will be seeing on their virtual tour along with the roles of the various hardware. Make sure to click through and watch the video below to gain some insight into the inner workings of Google’s data centers.