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ISIS confirms October 22nd launch in Salt Lake City and Austin (update)

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ISIS Mobile Wallet
ISIS Mobile Wallet

We heard a few days ago that ISIS was finally ready to launch its mobile payment service on October 22nd, and now we can confirm that date is indeed correct. Jaymee Johnson, head of marketing at ISIS, just emailed The Verge the following statement: "Isis will be launching in Austin and Salt Lake City on Oct. 22. By year end, as many as 20 Isis Ready handsets are expected to be in market. We look forward to sharing more details on Oct. 22." This comes just one day after an ISIS mobile app for T-Mobile Android phones popped up in the Google Play store. While there are still a lot of details that need to be filled in, at least we know when the service will be up and running — and we'll have more information about the ISIS launch in less than a week. That said, if the rest of the leaked details we heard last week are true, we expect T-Mobile and Verizon users alike to be able to use the service starting next week.

Update: It looks like AT&T is in for the October 22nd launch as well. The carrier has released its own version of the Isis Android app in the Google Play Store.