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Swype update adds dictionary sync, trending words, and a split keyboard for tablets

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Popular Android keyboard Swype has updated its beta with a few new features to smooth the user experience. In the newest version, your personal dictionary can sync across multiple devices, so you don't have to teach every device you use how to swear or spell your Hungarian uncle's name properly. The dictionary also automatically adds what Swype calls "hotwords"; basically, globally-trending words and phrases like "Gangnam Style." For tablet users, Swype has added two new keyboards: a smaller, moveable option, and a split keyboard.

There are a few other customization tweaks, and users can now choose from amongst ten different keyboard themes. Enhanced keyboard support for Chinese and Japanese users is also included in the beta update. Combined with the features added earlier this year, Swype is really working to step up its offerings, but our major complaint — that the software isn't available in the Google Play store — has yet to be addressed.