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Google lets reporter into one of its data centers, reveals how the company keeps it all running

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GOOGLE Connie Zhou data center server
GOOGLE Connie Zhou data center server

Google may have finally scaled back its obsessive security measures to keep its proprietary — and massive — servers hidden from competitors with the release of Street View imagery for its Lenoir, NC data center, but if you're looking for a guided tour you would do well to read Steven Levy's Wired feature from the facility's floor. It's a place that precious few have been granted access to, and he reveals some of the history behind the Google-made servers and the massive facilities that house them, as well as the company's moves to keep energy costs down (hint: cooling innovations) and keep uptime high. In regards to the latter, Google has a SWAT team of sorts that performs attacks on facilities to test the company's ability to keep services running. Be sure to catch the full story here.