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Nokia Lumia 920 reportedly exclusive to AT&T for six months

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AT&T announced its exclusivity on Nokia's latest Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 handset earlier this month, but it wasn't clear for how long this deal would last. WPCentral reports that AT&T has six months of exclusivity on the Lumia 920, meaning that this particular model won't be available on networks like Verizon or T-Mobile until May at the earliest.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Verizon won't stock a Lumia 920 variant though. We've seen leaked photos of a rumored Lumia 822 handset that appears to be heading to Verizon, and Nokia has produced a Lumia 810 version for T-Mobile. However, the Lumia 820 isn't exclusive to any US carriers, so a Lumia 920 variant for Verizon seems very unlikely at this stage. Still, Microsoft has scheduled a special event for October 29th where we're expecting to hear more about devices and answers to the secrecy surrounding Windows Phone 8.