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Google announces Android event for October 29th at 10AM ET

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google android oct 29 announcement
google android oct 29 announcement

It looks like the rumors about an Android event on October 29th were correct. An invitation from Google just landed in our inboxes for an event at 10AM in New York City, and while the invite is light on specifics aside from a tagline reading "the playground is open," the design is unmistakably a reference to the company's Google Now interface. The event's timing is significant for being on the same day as Microsoft's own Windows Phone 8 launch, something that doesn't seem to weigh too heavily on the minds in Mountain View.

Over the past few weeks we've seen rumors building for an LG Nexus phone running stock Android and based on the company's Optimus G hardware, but leaked images purporting to be of a Sony Nexus device lend credence to months-old talk of an expanded, multi-manufacturer Nexus program. In either case, Google will be streaming the event live on YouTube, and you can be sure The Verge will be there with a liveblog for the ages.