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Apple rumored to acquire Color in 'done deal'

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bill nguyen color 1020
bill nguyen color 1020

As if the confusion over Color's future wasn't already enough, we're now hearing a rumor that could turn the whole story upside down. The Next Web's "very well-placed" sources claim that Apple has agreed to pay in the "high double digits" (millions) for Bill Nguyen's controversial photo- and video-sharing startup — and the deal is apparently "done."

This seems like a pretty outlandish rumor at face value, but it could make some degree of sense. Investors that have yet to see return on Color's substantial funding would no doubt be pleased, and Apple would gain a team of engineers that has worked together and shipped product in an area where Cupertino has shown interest. iOS 6's Shared Photo Streams feature has quite a lot in common with the original Color, and it's also worth pointing out that Apple acquired Nguyen's streaming music service Lala back in 2009. Still, with little to go on this is very much in the realm of rumor and speculation.